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As stated by Siren in her “Wild Warrior Woman” referring to “This is our energy”. This is a very hard concept for some people to understand what “our energy or frequency” really means. It is hard to explain as this could be a plethora of different aspects of a person. Some may call it a persons soul, or their personality. It has even been called their aura. While these definitions can all be considered similar but completely different at the same time. It is very easy for one person to exude more of their own energy than what they receive in return. This is more than just a physical touch or words. It goes deeper than feelings and actions.

People will give way more energy then they are receiving back and most of the time not even know they are doing this. These actions could be anything. Time, money, physical actions, pointless more than receiving

Giving more than receiving

Giving more than receiving happens more than anyone may know or even understand. This happens when someone gives more attention to person or persons then they receive back. It happens when someone loves another deeper than the other person does. It even happens when there are other items, such as I’m only friends with you because you make me feel better about myself, i can mooch from you, or use you for fulfilling my own emptiness inside myself left from my own traumas which i haven’t and most likely will never address. This leads people to be leeches and just drain those of life who are around them and not return anything.

Energy Vampires

Energy Vampires are those who attach themselves to others who have a higher functional energy or frequency from those around you. These people use anyone they interact that gives them the time of day or make them feel a certain way. These people are many and a great strain on society and those who are good people and work hard for what they have. Most of these vampires are opportunists who take anything they can get. This drains peoples auras and make them feel like empty shells of them former selves. These are not just people you meet in the world, but also people who you are related to as well.

Stories from the dark side

Story #1

Growing up dealing with multiple forms of trauma related to family, friends and others. This caused the person to have trauma from seeing family members fight and get very physical. The other aspect was being sexually assaulted by a boyfriend. then having numerous toxic relationships through her life, and one of those relationships being with a person who was supposed to be their best friend. In the end these traumas caused various forms of energy draining on this person. This person is just now getting their life back in order.

Story #2

Growing up this person was sexually assaulted by her stepdad while her mother watched and masturbated. There was also other forms of abuse such as being forced to sleep in a laundry room using clothes as a bed instead of an actual bed. The stepdad also would watch them in the shower, and would constantly make remarks about what he was going to do to her in their next session.

These two individuals one day met each other and started a friendship, which then started to head towards what could be a polyamorous triad. Things where moving at a pace which was making all parties feel like a family. These two people started to get closer to each other and move deeper than friends into what a triad family would be. Then things started to unravel. At then end of the friendship these two individuals had a nasty falling out as person #2 was only using the person in story #1 to feel better about herself and her life, as well as leeching items off of them to get things that they want / need from another person.


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